South Korea deploys new cruise missile that can hit “any” target in North Korea

South Korea has unveiled a cruise missile that it says can “hit targets anywhere in North Korea”, putting emphasis on the office of North Korea’s leaders.

The defence ministry invited reporters to a special video presentation of the recently deployed missiles, showing footage of them being launched from destroyers and submarines and striking mock targets. Kim Min-seok, a defence ministry spokesperson, said that the weapon was originally tested in April, of last year, and that deployment was now complete.

"The cruise missile being unveiled today is a precision-guided weapon that can identify and strike the window of the office of North Korea’s leadership",  Min-seok told reporters, earlier today. 

"[We’re] also speeding up the deployment of a ‘kill chain’ system, capable of detecting, targeting and destroying North Korean missiles", Min-seok added.

The South Korean military has been on a heightened state of alert ever since Pyongyang first threatened the nuclear test it eventually conducted on Tuesday  making it the North’s third nuclear test, following previous detonations in 2006 and 2009.

IMAGE: A South Korean navy destroyer launches an indigenous cruise missile during a drill on February 14, 2013. Courtesy of the South Korean Navy, via REUTERS.

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